Science and Engineering Seminar Series Offered at Las Positas College

How fast do you need to accelerate atomic nuclei in order to separate the radioactive nuclides from billions of stable nuclides?

In the second talk of the LLNL-LPC fall seminar series, physics, chemistry, and biology come together in the use of mass spectrometry to “peek” at particles for human health.  Physicist Graham Bench, PhD, is the Director of the Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) at LLNL.  AMS is primarily used to detect and measure long-lived radionuclides.  In this seminar, he will discuss biomedical applications of AMS to characterize biological materials associated with human health.  More details are given in the abstract below.

8th Annual

LLNL/LPC Science and Engineering Seminar Series Theory to Practice: How Science is Done

Accelerator Mass Spectrometry: Peeking at Particles for Human Health

Graham Bench, PhD, Physicist

Director, Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, LLNL


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

6:00-7:15 pm

Building 2400, Room 2420


Free and open to the public

Note: There is a $2 parking fee at Las Positas College. Parking kiosks are found across the parking areas. 


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